Zodiac Necklace – Virgo

Seller: Moon Magic
Type: Steel collar
39.00 – 45.00
(3 variants)

– Design of the constellation of the Virgo crystal star – Virgos are born between August 23 and September 22. This beautiful and mystical piece of constellation of stars is as significant as it is beautiful. Virgo women were born with an unmistakable eye for the detail that both blesses them and curses them daily. You will notice every flash in this delicate piece and you will feel honored to carry your sign. In addition to being analytical and hardworking, Virgos are fiercely loyal and will multiply any generosity that is given to them, so you should know that when you treat a Virgo well, you will receive a wonderful deal in return. No one will appreciate the bright light of this stainless steel wonder as much as the Virgos observers, who will cherish this intricate pattern forever.

Size and fit details: 16 "collar with 2" extender

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