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Seller: Moon Magic
Type: preorder ring
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– Authentic Rainbow Moonstone gem- White Topaz gems The item will be shipped before September 25

We were delighted when we saw this beautiful Moonstone ring!
By itself, a real teardrop-shaped moonstone draws attention to your fingers thanks to its irresistible glow when you kiss it with light. When combined with a delicate white topaz crown, the effect of the moonstone is further intensified and the brightness is maximally elegant. Details: gemstone size: 7 mm x 5 mm

Moonstone Diamond Ring – Muse

Seller: Moon Magic
Type: preorder ring

– Genuine and iridescent Rainbow Moonstone Grade AAA- Diamonds inject a touch of shine and glamor- Radiate several colors when kissed by sunlight Special pre-order offer: Save 20% off now!

Our impressive Muse Premium Moonstone ring is for those who like a subtle but feminine statement. Combined with a solid 14k rose gold setting, our Moonstone ring radiates royalty and can also be used as an engagement ring. The fusion of the exquisite moonstone and precious diamonds creates an elegant and modern look while shining brilliantly in your hand.

Details: – Solid 14 kt rose gold (weight: approx. 1.85 grams) – Diamonds without conflicts (weight: 0.11 Ct) // Color: I // Clarity classification: VS 2- Rainbow Moonstone Grade AAA- Stone Size: 0.31 "x 0.24" (8mm x 6mm) ✦ ♡ ✥☽✦

Moonstone Ring – Eternal Bliss

Seller: Moon Magic
Type: Moonstone Ring

– Genuine and iridescent Rainbow Moonstone – Elegant design with a sophisticated edge – Gemstone reflects several shades when struck by light
Baptized as the Traveler's Stone or the Magic Stone, Moonstone has a wide range of energies. It is used by students of the supernatural and shamanism as an almighty stone to awaken and perfect their psychic abilities.
The Eternal Bliss Moonstone ring may look like a typical jewelry, but wearing it is like wearing a transcendent talisman. Moonstone will connect with your Third Eye Chakra and the Solar Plexus and create a link to connect with the Divine and urge you to decipher wisdom in real thoughts.
Details: Stone size: 0.20 "(5mm)

☾ ∙ ✦ ∙ ☾

Moonstone Necklace – Blessed Lunas

Seller: Moon Magic
Type: Moonstone necklace

– Genuine and iridescent Rainbow Moonstone – 925 sterling silver necklace (chain included) – two half-moon moons adorned with boho details that reflect various shades in different lights
A gem of moonstone with a round cut and a teardrop shape is presented only with the essentials; the two growing moons embellished with beautiful boho details.
Despite its clean but sophisticated design, the power it possesses is as old as the moon.
The moonstone can relieve the heart to express the emotion and not repress it. As it points out the negative mental patterns, it is also exchanged with a round view.
This is experienced when the moonstone is placed in the center of the chin or the lunar center.

Length of Details: 40 cm with a 5 cm extension chain (16 "with a 2" extension chain)

∙ ✦ ∙ ☾

Moonstone Choker Necklace – Rhombus Revelation

Seller: Moon Magic
Type: Moonstone necklace

– Genuine and iridescent Rainbow Moonstone – Sterling silver 925 necklace (chain included) – 2 teardrop-shaped gems radiate various colors – fit the skin of your neck The clean design of our moonstone choker necklace provides a strange harmony in your neck.
The texture of the clean ornament that forms a rhombus combined with Moonstone's fantasy achieves a balance between style and feel.
The moonstone has grounding energies that will allow you to trust in the Higher Will. By placing it in the center of your moon or in the middle of your chin, you can detect bad habits and filter unstable thoughts to replace them with a focused approach.

Size and fit details:
Chain: 12 "(30.48cm) with an extension of 2" (5.08) cm Centerpiece: 1 1/2 "x 3/4" (3.81 x 1.90cm)
∙ ✦ ∙ ☾

Moonstone Cuff Necklace – Moonstorm

Seller: Moon Magic
Type: Moonstone necklace

– Genuine and iridescent Rainbow Moonstone – Sterling silver 925 necklace (chain included) – White Topaz adds an elegant glamor – the gem radiates a colorful light when the light kisses it. they come from its surface, it is drawn from the inside. It has a sterling silver necklace that surrounds its neck in an elegant style that shows a moonstone gem shaped like a teardrop in one, and a crescent moon, which is adorned with white topaz, on the other side.
Moonstone gems are not only used by minimalists, they are also used by monks, mystics and spiritualists. If you look closely, you will see an ethereal glow that moves at different angles. This bluish and milky iridescence is a phenomenon that is linked to the powers of the moon.
Like a psychic gem, Moonstone delights the whole world and adds a magical glow to any look.

∙ ✦ ∙ ☾

Moonstone Ring – Signet Stardust

Seller: Moon Magic
Type: Silver ring

– The true seal ring design with the Rainbow Moonstone seal – in 925 sterling silver – Moonstone meets the fashionable atmosphere
You will exude confidence when you use the moonstone ring – Stardust seal. The strong lines and sharp points within a perfect circle give this ring a majestic quality. A central round moonstone attracts the view, while the stellar explosion that surrounds it has a sense of expanding horizons.
Use the moonstone as protection and guidance while navigating the ups and downs of life.


Moonstone Ring – Spiraled Full Moon

Seller: Moon Magic
Type: Moonstone ring

– Genuine and iridescent Rainbow Moonstone – Delicate trims and ornaments – Reflects various shades when kissed by light
The slender swirls and the beautiful carving embrace the round stone gem of the moon. The mold adorned in spiral to the stone adds more fascination to the whole piece.
The moonstone is a love stone that allows the heart to feel deeply. It flows around all facets of love and opens your eyes to what really means unconditional.
It is also a talisman for the first steps of love, hidden love and a crystal to help bring together loved ones who were separated by anger.
Details: Stone size: 0.12 "(3 mm)

∙ ✦ ∙ ☾

Moonstone Magic Ring

Seller: Azura Jewelry
Type: Rings

Metal: 14K Vermeil gold
* The base metal is 925 sterling silver without nickel of ethical origin (perfect for sensitive skin). We add three layers of 14K gold / rose gold or white gold, which gives your jewelry an extra shiny shine and adds durability to prevent oxidation.
Gemstone: rainbow moonstone (white topaz side stone)
Origin: India
Stone of birth: June
Meaning: This stone is called "Stone of the moon" because of its lustrous opalescent shine similar to the moon.
Powers: the moonstone inhibits the power of a new moon, blessed in physical perception and vision. Gives the spark to the kundalini energy of a person, increases the emotions while providing emotional balance simultaneously.
Also, he found people useful for nightmares and insomnia. It supports you in self-expression, love, self-acceptance and consoles those who feel powerless before any personal problem they are facing. In addition, using moonstone can help infertility and stabilize the hormonal system.
1.3mm bandwidth
6x4mm moonstone
6×4 mm Rainbow Moonstone

1.2-1.3 mm white topaz

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