Moonstone Diamond Ring – Soulmate

Seller: Moon Magic
Type: Opal engagement ring

– Premium Moonstone AAA genuine and iridescent. The diamonds inject a touch of shine and glamor. Moonstone is surrounded by small diamonds to create an appearance that stands the test of time.
The desperate romantic in you will love the Twin Soul ring. Designed with nothing but affection, this ring is warm, sweet and beautiful. The round moonstone stone of the rainbow will attract attention as it reflects the light of any room you are in, leaving your hand shiny. The accents of diamonds do not damage the romantic atmosphere of the Twin Souls ring!

– Solid 14kt rose gold (weight: approx 2,226 grams) – 28 Conflict-free diamonds // Color: I // Classification of clarity: VS 2- Rainbow moonstone / Genuine AAA grade – Stone size: 0.28 " (7 mm) ♡ ☽✦

Moonstone Bar Necklace – Moon Cycle

Seller: Moon Magic
Type: Moonstone necklace

– Genuine and iridescent Premium Moonstone – the bar is made of brass – Personalized design of the lunar phase etched into the water – Inspiring and connecting to earth

In the same way as the phases of the moon, we also undergo transformations. The moonstone centered on this bar necklace represents our most intimate and true being. Each external phase is symbolic of the journey through growth and change.

Size and fit details:
Chain: 16 "(40.64cm) with 2" (5.08cm) ExtenderBar: 1 3/8 "x 1/2" (3.49 x 1.27cm)


14kt Gold Vermeil Moonstone Necklace – Iconic Delta

Seller: Moon Magic
Type: Moonstone necklace

– Genuine and iridescent Premium Moonstone – Vermeil yellow gold 14 kt – Decorated with white topaz – Bold geometric design
The moonstone has long been a symbol of balance and duality in the universe, and nowhere is it more evident than in this 14kt yellow gold Vermeil moonstone necklace – iconic Delta. Carried with the triangle pointing upwards, it acquires a clearly masculine, forceful and determined energy, but when inverted, its matrix form evokes a softer femininity. Whatever your choice, this versatile piece is very convincing.
Use this necklace with 14 kt yellow gold moonstone earrings Vermeil – Iconic Delta and 14kt in yellow gold with ring moonstone – Iconic Delta.
* The base metal is 925 sterling silver (perfect for people with skin allergies to other metals). The silver is then plated in gold with a thick layer of 14kt pink gold.

Moonstone Necklace – Captured Gleam

Seller: Moon Magic
Type: Moonstone necklace

– Genuine and iridescent Premium Moonstone – modern and clean design – comes in a chain
The simple and discreet design of the Moonstone – Captured Gleam necklace radiates elegance and elegance. The horizontal axis represents our path through life: from birth to death, from beginning to end, but also communicates an unmistakable feminine energy. With art deco influences and a polished geometric design, the Moonstone – Captured Gleam necklace is the perfect piece for the intelligent and realistic woman.
With bluish white stripes and occasional flashes of silver, the charming adularity of the moonstone is perfectly framed by the dull blue stones of its sterling silver bezel.

Modern and sophisticated geometric design.
The simple margins of sterling silver complement the silver tones of the moonstone.

Details: Stone size: 0.71 "x 0.28" (18 mm x 7 mm)

∙ ✦ ∙ ☾