Freshwater Pearl Ring – Adorned Salvation

Seller: Moon Magic
Type: Freshwater pearl ring

– Authentic freshwater pearl – Perfect to combine with other rings – Subtle pearl together with a beautifully detailed silver band
Sometimes, less is more. The beloved pearl in the freshwater pearl ring – The ornate salvation is not designed to attract attention. It is more a private statement, a silent assent to the simplicity and honesty that makes pearls so special. The soft undulations in the band further enhance the aura of calm emanating from this ring.
Pearls offer protection and safety to those who wear them.
Details: Stone size: 0.16 "(4 mm)


10K Gold Solitaire Pearl Ring

Seller: Azura Jewelry
Type: Rings
185.00 – 230.00
(42 variants)


With the time that he learns and with patience he advances, all the trademarks of a pearl embedded inside him. The pearl caught in the gold band is not only a sign of hypnosis, but it also produces the sensation of growth. Cultivate the ring of solitary pearls and feel the seeds of development grow.
The most delicate pearl ring. The fit, the post and the back are 14k solid gold.

Metal: Yellow gold 14K Vermeil
* The base metal is 925 sterling silver without nickel of ethical origin (perfect for sensitive skin). We add three layers of 14K gold / rose gold or white gold, which gives your jewelry an extra shiny shine and adds durability to prevent oxidation.
Precious stone: Japan
Stone of birth: June
Meaning: It is unknown why a "Pearl" is called Pearl. However, some say that the pearl is in a "pear" shaped like a shell.
Powers: The pearl has a connection with purity, fidelity, modesty and loyalty. Using pearls will make you stronger to deal with everyday life and learn wisdom about the consequences. It offers protections, calms your senses, helps you choose between right and wrong, and cultivates a healthy note of self-love.
Bandwidth is 1.3 mm
3mm freshwater pearl

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