Opal Ring – Poshness

Seller: Moon Magic
Type: Opal ring
79.00 – 89.00
(12 variants)

– Genuine Opal gemstone – adorned with white topaz gemstones

The funny ring is the ideal choice if you are looking to add some classy power to your appearance. The band comes in 14kt Rose Gold and in Sterling Silver and brings glamor without being overwhelmed. Genuine Opal and White Topaz gems add just the right amount of sparkle to attract attention. The appearance of the main stone surrounded by four pointed gems brings a sweet touch to any style.
Details: Stone size: 0.24 "x 0.16" (6 mm x 4 mm)

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* The base metal is 925 sterling silver (perfect for people with skin allergies to other metals). Then, the silver is plated in gold with a thick layer of pink gold of 14 kt.