Moonstone Diamond Ring – Soulmate

Seller: Moon Magic
Type: Opal engagement ring

– Premium Moonstone AAA genuine and iridescent. The diamonds inject a touch of shine and glamor. Moonstone is surrounded by small diamonds to create an appearance that stands the test of time.
The desperate romantic in you will love the Twin Soul ring. Designed with nothing but affection, this ring is warm, sweet and beautiful. The round moonstone stone of the rainbow will attract attention as it reflects the light of any room you are in, leaving your hand shiny. The accents of diamonds do not damage the romantic atmosphere of the Twin Souls ring!

– Solid 14kt rose gold (weight: approx 2,226 grams) – 28 Conflict-free diamonds // Color: I // Classification of clarity: VS 2- Rainbow moonstone / Genuine AAA grade – Stone size: 0.28 " (7 mm) ♡ ☽✦

14kt Solid White Gold Moonstone Diamond Ring – Enchantment

Seller: Moon Magic
Type: Moonstone engagement ring

– Rainbow Moonstone Genuine and iridescent AAA grade – Solid 14 kt heart-shaped gold – Heart-shaped moonstone adorned with diamonds
Fairy tales can be real and the charm ring brings you closer to living your fantasy. The Moonstone Diamond ring maintains the balance between simplicity and extravagance with its smooth band and heart-shaped stone. When you use the enchantment ring, you will be reminded that all there is is love!

– 14kt solid white gold (weight 2.954 grams) – 17 conflict-free diamonds // Color: I // Clarity rating: VS 2- Rainbow Moonstone Grade AAA – Ring: 2 mm at the thickest point
Stone size: 0.24 "x 0.24" (6mm x 6mm)

✦ ♡ ✥☽✦