Moonstone Cuff Necklace – Moonstorm

Seller: Moon Magic
Type: Moonstone necklace

– Genuine and iridescent Rainbow Moonstone – Sterling silver 925 necklace (chain included) – White Topaz adds an elegant glamor – the gem radiates a colorful light when the light kisses it. they come from its surface, it is drawn from the inside. It has a sterling silver necklace that surrounds its neck in an elegant style that shows a moonstone gem shaped like a teardrop in one, and a crescent moon, which is adorned with white topaz, on the other side.
Moonstone gems are not only used by minimalists, they are also used by monks, mystics and spiritualists. If you look closely, you will see an ethereal glow that moves at different angles. This bluish and milky iridescence is a phenomenon that is linked to the powers of the moon.
Like a psychic gem, Moonstone delights the whole world and adds a magical glow to any look.

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