Dreamy Sunflower White Topaz Ring (Yellow Gold)

Seller: Azura Jewelry
Type: Rings

The sunflower enjoys the sun and always grows towards the light; only when fully fed, the sunflower will eventually open up and attract bees and other insects, who can feed on it. Let this ring remind you that the key to being able to connect with others is to love yourself first, so that you can be open to the connection on your own terms; Lasting love and connection begins with yourself.

Metal: 14K vermeil gold
* The base metal is 925 sterling silver without nickel of ethical origin (perfect for sensitive skin). We add three layers of 14K gold / rose gold or platinum, which gives your jewelry that extra bright shine and adds durability to prevent oxidation.
Precious stone: white topaz (what is this?)
Origin: Brazil
Stone of birth: November
Meaning: The name "Topaz" comes from the word "Topazos", which means "search". This gem is called "Topaz" due to the strange island of Tapozios in the Red Sea where these precious stones were found.
Powers: A wonderful stone for those who seek to establish successful financial careers, while imparting a positive intention and confidence. With both cosmic and karmic properties, open your eyes to the big picture, encourage spiritual growth to connect with yourself to achieve your goals.

Bandwidth is 1.5mm
The central white topaz is 0.16 "x0.16" (3 mm x 3 mm)
White topaz lateral 1.1mm

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