14kt Gold Vermeil Moonstone Necklace – Iconic Delta

Seller: Moon Magic
Type: Moonstone necklace

– Genuine and iridescent Premium Moonstone – Vermeil yellow gold 14 kt – Decorated with white topaz – Bold geometric design
The moonstone has long been a symbol of balance and duality in the universe, and nowhere is it more evident than in this 14kt yellow gold Vermeil moonstone necklace – iconic Delta. Carried with the triangle pointing upwards, it acquires a clearly masculine, forceful and determined energy, but when inverted, its matrix form evokes a softer femininity. Whatever your choice, this versatile piece is very convincing.
Use this necklace with 14 kt yellow gold moonstone earrings Vermeil – Iconic Delta and 14kt in yellow gold with ring moonstone – Iconic Delta.
* The base metal is 925 sterling silver (perfect for people with skin allergies to other metals). The silver is then plated in gold with a thick layer of 14kt pink gold.

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